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  • thumb Christina Y.

      I moved on 01/04/2019 and hired Bay Area Efficient Movers. I was very happy with their service and highly recommend them! They were supposed to start in the afternoon, but Denis texted me asking if they could come earlier if I wanted (which worked out great actually). He and his colleague (forget his name now) were extremely hard-working--from the time they arrived and started loading up, I don't think they sat down even once aside from the driving part. [I don't even think they drank water, ate, or went to the bathroom for all those hours now that I think of it...? Jeez.] They treated all of my furniture with extreme care and were professionals at packing things, especially delicate items. They even double-checked the boxes that I packed to make sure they were secure. [There was one box that I had packed earlier that Denis told me wasn't packed very well--he offered to re-pack it, but I said, "Nah, it's fine." I think one piece of Tupperware in that box ended up breaking (I didn't even care), which was the ONLY thing that broke on the ENTIRE move! And it was my fault, hah. They broke NOTHING which was amazing and a first for me--every time I've moved in the past, things get broken, so I pretty much expect it.] Compared to other movers in the past, they were much more careful. Denis also took apart my bed and desk (and reassembled them at my new home). When we arrived at my new home, I was told that the HOA had imposed time constraints on moving, and we were told that we only had ~1-1.5 hours to unpack (a pretty short window considering it took ~3.5 hours to disassemble and load up). Denis and his colleague somehow managed to work like crazy and did the job in record time. They REALLY hustled; although it was not expected, it was much appreciated. As we were reassembling, it turns out that one tiny screw had fallen out from my desk, and Denis couldn't put the foot back on to stand it up. He offered to go get a screw the following day and said he'd come back to fix it for no charge. It was an extremely kind offering--and he did come back the following day and fixed the desk. All in all, I was very happy with their service, they're hard workers, and I'd definitely use them again and recommend them.

  • thumb Dana M.

      These guys are really 5 stars!!!  I paid half of what other companies were quoting.  I dealt with Adam to arrange pick up of a dining room suite and deliver it to Clar's Auction house.  He was kind, understanding and very professional. I got a $40 per hour discount by signing in through Yelp.  Dennis and Bob arrived at the exact time our appointment was.  They were extremely courteous and professional.  Wrapped everything in blankets and shrink wrap.  I highly recommend.  I even told a realtor friend about them and she is going to use them from now on.

  • thumb Scott J.

      We moved from SF to the peninsula. Last minute we decided to get some movers to help us out. BAEM was able to get us 3 movers in less than 48 hours in advance. They were also very flexible, with us doing a 2-into-1 move. They showed up maybe a few minutes late, but they were able to pack both places in less than 2 hours total. We had most stuff in boxes already, with just a little furniture and no disassembly needed, but we have a LOT of stuff. They made sure to wrap all the furniture thoroughly, so nothing was damaged, and the wardrobe boxes were really useful. After a 45 min drive (and driving time is doubled to include the return trip), it took only about 1 hour to unload everything. All in all, we're so glad we got movers. BAEM made the day so much less stressful, so now we actually have time and energy left for the rest of the day!

  • thumb Tiffany S.

      First time hiring movers and I was not disappointed. They were fast and efficient in helping us move from San Mateo over to the coast (HMB). They were nice and like I said worked fast. They took a small break and then were back at it.
    They really came through when it came to our heavy futon. They took it apart and ever rebuilt it at the new place. Super impressed. If you're hesitant at hiring them don't be. We also had some great conversations that made it feel like friends were helping us move.

  • thumb T U.

      Really happy with the service.   They helped us move from Oakland to Moraga.  We asked for 3 people but only 2 showed up initially.  The person joined the crew 45 min late (didn't get charged).  They were very professional and accommodating.

  • thumb Jim C.

      I contacted Rob on short notice, and his team was able to quickly come out and move me.  They were terrific and worked very hard.  I was very happy and definitely would use them again.  Thanks!

  • thumb Tara S.

      Dennis and his partner Alex busted their butts today, and I was only moving 5 blocks! They arrived at the early part of the time window I had scheduled, with ample heads-up, and got right to work. Overall, packing up my bedroom, moving it, and unpacking some basics on the other side took 5 hours. I also loved that their hourly fee included everything (materials, labor, stairs, mileage, everything!), so I wasn't concerned about how much tape they used or whether they took a wrong turn. Overall, not the *most* meticulous packing job I've ever seen, but I don't have anything terribly fragile, and nothing has been damaged, to my knowledge.
    Adam, who scheduled my move, was also speedy in his responses and generally communicative.
    Thanks BAEM!

  • thumb Siatta A.

      To be fair my items were already pre-packed before these guys came so there wasn't much room for error with my stuff.

    My roommate however allowed them to pack her items and we'll let's say they did a subpar job at best.
    Broken Gucci glasses and TV.
    They eventually after haggling with them replaced her tv for current value.

    They did however scratch my Apartment brand new floors ‍  (I moved into a newly remodeled unit ) I originally thought it was scuff marks , but no they were scratch marks

    Morale of the story is ... if you decide to use them because you are in a pinch ... all electronics should be tested before leaving your old place and then immediately after the move  to avoid the headache

    Also I strongly encourage  you to make them use pads on your floor if you have marble or wood... to preserve your floors

    Fair warning to avoid harassment and just all out frustration if you decide to use these guys.... Micro manage the heck out of them ..especially if you have them pack items and as mentioned if they will be coming into a house with nice wood and or marble floors.

    Adam has called us multiple times requesting that we remove a pretty accurate and fair review ‍

    I wondered how they maintain their five star rating and it's beginning to become more obvious that they rush through moves, damage items , and then try to cover their tracks so reviews will be altered. It's a shame so Buyer Beware

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